Simple Trick How Scottish Residents Are Writing OFF 75% Of Their Debts.

This is what consumers are quickly discovering about paying off their debts:

For many people in the Scotland, owing money and struggling to repay it has become, at record levels, an ever increasing problem. The majority of people with a lot of debt need to borrow more just to make ends meet. These people are having to borrow from short term (very high interest) loan companies or taking out additional credit cards – they then find themselves in greater financial trouble.

This is called a debt trap; it can spin out of control very quickly. Luckily for some there is help but most don’t know about it.

Credit companies do everything they can in not letting you know about the available debt programs because they simply want your money.

One of the main reasons why everyday people are unable to repay their debts is that interest rates are ridiculously sky high and affordability is low resulting in debt levels to increase rapidly, its scandalous and immoral.

expert-debt-help-and-adviceHelp is on the way:

The good news is that there is a Government legislation that can help people who are finding it hard to cope with their debts. With this legislation, people who are struggling with their unsecured debts could actually write off a big chunk.

Agencies like Betterway Debt Solutions are leading experts in assisting people getting themselves back in control by tailoring a solution for each individual.

With the assistance of a good debt management agency on your side, you can feel relief almost immediately.

Here is what they could do for you:

  • Immediately stop debt collectors from harassing you.
  • Reduce or stop interest charges.
  • Renegotiate terms saving you money.
  • Place your debts into a single affordable payment.
  • Give you peace of mind.
  • Get up to 75% of debt written off.

If you meet the requirements, the government legislation has the ability to inform any debt collectors to stay away as well as lower your debts. If you have over a certain amount of debt you could have up to 75% wiped off the overall amount.

There are so many options that you may have never heard of that can help you return to having peace of mind about your financial situation & enjoy a stress free life again. Betterway Debt Solutions look into every available option and find the best one that suits you.

How to Start and Get Control of Your Debt:
Step 1: Visit the website
Step 2: Complete the short form
Step 3: See how much debt you can Write OFF!


Do you qualify & how much will you be able to Write Off?