The 30 Second Check That’s Putting An Average £2500 Into Thousands Of People’s Bank Accounts…LEGALLY!

Don’t Miss Out! Millions Will Be Prevented From Claiming Their Share After 2019…

By now the majority of consumers would have heard about the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Scandal that’s gone on by all major banks and credit card companies.

It should come as no surprise that billions of pounds have been paid out already to consumers who had no idea that they even had PPI.

Banks have still set aside millions of pounds in unclaimed compensation for consumers.

Thousands are claiming every day and last year payments averaged £10 Million every day.

The average claim was worth £2,500 which proved a welcome boost for many households when the cost of living has started to rise post Brexit. Many even used their compensation to treat themselves to a new car or even enjoy a dream family holiday, at the expense of the banks.

Here’s the BAD NEWS! The clock is ticking for anyone wanting to make a claim. Because after mid 2019 this whole scandal will come to an end. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who sets the financial rules that banks must follow have said that after that time they will no longer consider any PPI claims.

Whilst that may be the bad news, the shocking statistic is that 76% of consumers have no idea that they could be entitled to claim a share of the money that’s been set aside. Imagine not knowing about being able to claim thousands of pounds, money that you are entitled to and the bank has set aside for you.

This is why the team at leading UK PPI Claims Company, PPI Checker have put together a Free 30 Second test for anyone to check if they have had PPI.

Simply put in the last 12 months, the team at PPI Checker have had 67,000 clients claim PPI resulting in £127 Million in payouts and on average every one of those received over £2,500.00 in compensation, in some cases upto £12,986. But it all started with every single person checking whether they can claim using the Free 30 Second Checker. Just think about how that extra cash could be used.

They want to help as many people as possible understand if they can claim back what’s rightfully theirs and that’s why they are offering the PPI Refund Check Service.

When you’ve dealt with numerous banks and lenders handling this much money in compensation you learn a thing or 2 about how to handle a claim, something the average consumer is simply not aware of and therefore not able to claim fully what they are owed.

Whilst it’s possible to submit a claim yourself, using experts to carry out the process can help you claim back more money due to loopholes the experts can uncover. Financial institutions won’t, however, fold over and say, “Here’s your money back.” You have to substantiate your claims.  

Many financial institutions, will try to settle with consumers for the lowest amount because consumers aren’t aware of how to increase the claim amount. There is a lot of red-tape to get through when dealing with certain banks and lenders which can be impossible for the average consumer to break through.

This is where our team of 200+ lawyers get to work and get you what’s rightfully yours using their specialist knowledge from thousands of claims.

Over 52% of clients that used PPI Checker were able to claim back 2-3 times more than they expected.

So why would you need to use a service to make your claim rather than doing it yourself? Simply put, they put more money directly into your bank account. And it can all start with this Free 30 Second Check to complete the online form.

No chasing banks, no digging around for paperwork and no risk of needing to pay anything.

We asked consumers who had such a service to comment on their thoughts after using a claims company to manage their claim.

“I was worried about approaching a claims company as I heard all the bad press about their so called scams…fast forward 9 months and I was enjoying a 5* holiday with my family in the Caribbean as a result of the compensation I received!”

Phil – 56 Gravesend Kent

If you fancy going on a 5* holiday or getting a new car, fixing up the house at the expense of the banks, then check to see if your eligible with the Free 30 Second checker.

Remember, the PPI countdown has already begun for millions of people already, possibly you. Anyone who thinks they may have a claim is advised to start the process now before it’s too late.

If you are in any doubt about your eligibility to claim compensation check for free in just 30 seconds.