The fast and simple check that’s allowing parents to protect their loved ones form as little as £1.00 per week!

If you’re part of the 1 in 4 parents without protection in the UK, you could be leaving hundreds of thousands of pounds on the table for your loved ones if the worse was to happen…

If you have children or other people that rely on you financially, life insurance is one way you can guarantee your dependants will be secure financially if anything was to happen to you.

There are many benefits to life insurance that will give you peace of mind, knowing your daughter, son or loved ones could use the payout to:


  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Replace an income
  • Pay for your children’s educational costs
  • Maintain their current standard of living
  • Pay for child care
  • Cover funeral costs
  • Safeguard from inheriting debt
  • Plus overcome many more financial strains…


With policies now in the UK at an alarmingly low rate you could secure a £150,000 payout for your loved ones for as little as £10.00 per month. With some policies starting from as little as £1.00 per week.

The surprising fact that came from our research was even though monthly premiums are at an all time low, and the payouts are at an all time high…

1 in 4 adults with dependants in the UK do not have life insurance cover!

With fast and secure online tools such as My Life Insurance Check, smart consumers are getting free quotes from multiple providers.

Ensuring they get the most competitive deal with the most reliable companies on the market.

Don’t hold off a second longer, the sooner you can get cover for your family the better. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete the online application form, and our team will do the rest.

But why does our service champion others in the industry? Simply put we concentrate on the bottom line metric…

That is how much can your family receive if the worse was to happen to you, and how can you ensure they receive a payout.

One of the biggest myths that sweeps the market with life insurance is the provider not paying out due to loopholes in the agreement. Leaving dependants with no financial security even though the monthly payments have been made.

This however, could not be further from the truth. In fact the average payout rate in 2016 was over 90%!

We only use trusted insurers, and in the last 12 months maintained an average 95% payout rate for families who have lost a loved one!

Imagine having the assurance that no matter what happens to you, your family will receive a large payout to help them deal with the many financial strains that can hit after a loss.

On top of this over 33% of people that take out cover with us save over £550 or more!

But despite all the facts and successful claims we have outlined above it all comes down to this simple fact…

As parents or guardians, you have a responsibility to ensure you have insurances in place that will secure your children and loved ones financially if the worse was to happen. As much as we like to believe it, we are not superman or wonder woman and it is our responsibility to ensure we have our families best interests at heart…

If you’re reading this and have £1.00 in your pocket, you are in a position to get cover for your family today…

So how does it work?

It takes 3 simple steps…


  1. Click the link: My Life Insurance Check
  2. Fill out our simple online form.
  3. A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to give you your free, no obligation quotes from our most trusted providers.


It all starts here with a simple, quick check that will allow our advisors to find you the best deal to suit your specific needs.